Things King Charles can do that you can't

Go without a last name -
The British royal family's official last name is Windsor. But when the monarch inherited the throne, he left it behind and took on the title King Charles III. 

Drive a car without a license -
Usually, the King is chauffeured to engagements, but occasionally he likes to get behind the wheel. And he can do so without a driver's license.

Avoid getting arrested - The King doesn't ever have to worry about getting locked up. He has sovereign immunity, and therefore can never be prosecuted.

Access to all the royal residences -
While the official residence is Buckingham Palace, the King (and Queen Consort) can split his time between several royal residences.

Own the Bentley State Limousine -
King Charles has his own private Bentley to ride around in. The elegant vehicle is known as the Bentley State Limousine.

Have his face on the British currency - King Charles III is pictured on the newly issued British currency.

Declare war -
Another special power granted to the King is that he can declare war and peace. He can also send troops to an area of armed conflict.

Choose the royal menu - Anything the King wants to eat (or drink) is available to him. 

Grant a criminal pardon -
King Charles III has the power to grant the royal prerogative mercy, which pardons an individual of any criminal punishment.

Have a private ATM -
Imagine never having to rush to an ATM before closing time... That's the case for the King, as he has a private ATM in the basement of Buckingham Palace.

Ignore speed limits -
The Road Traffic Regulation Act allows emergency service vehicles to break speed limits, so when the King is escorted by police officers, she's granted the same right.

Skip paying taxes - As a sovereign, the King is exempt from paying taxes. 

Dismiss a prime minister -
Even if he can't vote or state his political opinions publicly, the King has the power to dismiss a prime minister. 

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