Things men do that make women feel insecure

Saying another girl looks hot: Sure, we all have a wandering eye when an attractive person crosses our path, but there is no need to point it out.

Dismiss their ideas as “dumb”: Don’t shut down a woman’s idea without discussing it first.

Pointing out that she's gained/lost weight: Women are constantly under scrutiny about how they look.

Saying that their biological clock is ticking: What does that even mean? That a woman is desperate to have babies.

Telling them to “not get hysterical”: Female hysteria used to be a medical diagnosis, and was used to explain pretty.

Asking them why they don’t smile: This comment implies that if the woman is not smiling.

Asking them to look more sexy: Questioning a woman’s sex appeal can bring up a lot of insecurities.

Saying “Are you on your period: Similar to the hysterical accusation, asking a woman if she is on her period is a passive-aggressive move.

Bringing up an insecurity from the past: This is a dirty move, and one that can really hurt women and make them feel insecure.

Not talking about your past: Women rightly get insecure when a man keeps his past a mystery.

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