Things men secretly do (but never admit to)

Groom their eyebrows: -The monobrow is a thing of the past, and so are caterpillar eyebrows.

Get aroused while passing a stool: -This one is a bit of a taboo for some men. How can men get an erection while going for a number two? The answer is simple.

Get aroused while asleep: -Men have a number of erections during the night, but most are not related to being sexually aroused. Sometimes, though, it can happen.

Get shivers while peeing: -Pee shivers, also known as "post-micturition convulsion syndrome," mostly happen to men.

Touch their private parts often: -Yes, it’s like men have a magnet down there and they can't keep their hands off their junk.

Only fall asleep after their partners have: -In the absence of sex, women are more likely to fall asleep before men do. 

Eat more when they’re with a woman: -A study conducted at an Italian all-you-can-eat buffet found that heterosexual men who were in the company.

Sit down to pee: -Men pee standing, but sometimes they sit down to do it. The reasons vary. 

Hurt themselves while grooming (down there): -Many men have a pubic hair grooming routine, and they usually opt for a DIY approach.

Cry: -Many men cry, and that’s a really good thing. But not many admit to it.

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