Surprising things that happen to the male body

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Men can lactate: -This is indeed very rare, but can happen. For this to take place, a spike in the production of the hormone prolactin.

Men can get breasts: -Men can develop a condition known as gynecomastia, where breast tissue actually grows.

Fetal penile erections: -Yes, male fetuses can have erections in the womb. These in-utero erections are apparently a way to keep the tissues oxygenated. 

Men struggle to identify some colors: -Yes, men and women do see colors differently, with males particularly struggling to identify certain shades of colors such as yellow or green.

Men also get breast cancer: -While breast cancer is far more likely to affect women, a small percentage of men also suffer from it. 

Nocturnal penile tumescence: -Nocturnal penile tumescence (NPT), aka morning glory, is mostly caused by hormone fluctuations.

Men gain weight after marriage: -This might have something to do with increased sedentarism, changes in diet, getting older, and hormonal changes.

Erections don't necessarily mean sexual arousal: - Men get erections when they are sexually aroused, but they also do so in other circumstances. 

Dads can also suffer from postpartum depression: -Paternal postpartum depression has similar symptoms to maternal postpartum depression.

Men fart a lot: -Men beat the ladies when it comes to flatulence. Probably not something males are too proud of, but indeed they are a lot gassier. 

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