Surprising things you didn’t know you can overdose on

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Tuna sushi: -Eating too much raw tuna could lead to serious neurological problems due to the high mercury levels.

Chocolate: -Though it would take a lot (we're talking over 80 full-size chocolate bars), it’s possible to overdose on chocolate because it contains theobromine.

Black tea: -While the caffeine is certainly something to watch out for, it’s more likely you'll overdose.

Apple seeds: -The rumors are true: apple seeds can indeed be toxic.

Carrots: -Despite being packed with all sorts of good vitamins, minerals, and fibers, carrots also contain a ton of beta-carotene.

Bananas: -Bananas are often a staple in the healthiest of diets, but they actually hold the potential to be lethal.

Salt: -Sodium is vital for performing numerous bodily functions, but too much can cause your cells to severely dehydrate in a process.

Black licorice: -While not the most popular treat, eating too much black licorice consistently has reportedly. 

Vitamin D: -After a visit with a private nutritionist, a British man began taking a daily dose of 150,000 international units.

Water: -Water is essential to our survival and bodily functions, however consuming too much in too short a period can actually result in water poisoning .

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