Things you should never do in Russia

Never refuse a drink - Drinking is an important part of Russian culture. Turning down a drink can be offensive.

Always carry your passport - Police in Russia can stop anyone and ask for ID. If you're foreign, you're more likely to be targeted so make sure you always carry your passport.

Don't wear shoes at home - Russians abide by this law, as they don't want to bring dirt or other germs into their living space.

You're not as funny as you think you are - Russians don't share the same sense of humor as many people in the Western world.

Don't talk about politics and criticize Russia - Most Russians are patriotic and they believe the government is doing the best it can for the country.

Don't talk about politics and criticize Russia - Russians are known for being proud of their country, including their politicians.

Don't accept a gift before refusing it - If someone gives you a gift, make sure you reject it a few times before finally accepting it.

Don't accept a gift before refusing it - To immediately accept a gift is considered rude, so make sure you play the game.

Always bring something - This is common in many cultures, but make sure you don't show up empty-handed if you're invited to someone's home in Russia.

Men don't let women carry heavy objects - Russian men are expected to help women carry heavy things.

Don't whistle indoors - Russians are quite superstitious. Whistling indoors is considered a bad omen.

Don't smile - Unless you have a reason to, don't walk around smiling at everyone.

Don't leave empty bottles on the table - Russians believe this will bring bad luck, particularly in terms of money.

Public displays of affection - Showing affection in public is not common in Russia.

You should be particularly wary if you're not heterosexual. Russia is not the place to show your LGBTQ pride.

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