Things you should never do in Russia

Never refuse a drink: Drinking is an important part of Russian culture.

Never refuse a drink: The only plausible excuse to refuse a drink is for health reasons.

Always carry your passport: Police in Russia can stop anyone and ask for ID.

Always carry your passport: If you don't, they can actually take you to the police station.

Don't sit on public transport: Seating is reserved for those who really need it. 

Don't sit on public transport: If you don't give up your seat to someone who needs it.

Never disrespect the mighty babushk: Their status as respected babushkas is attained when Russian women reach a certain age.

Never disrespect the mighty babushka: Babushkas can pretty much say and do whatever they want.

Don't wear shoes at home: Russians abide by this law, as they don't want to bring dirt or other germs into their living space.

You're not as funny as you think you are: Russians don't share the same sense of humor as many people in the Western world.

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