Things you should never do on public transport

Eating smelly food -
The smell of certain foods becomes even more unbearable when consumed in a train carriage. For everyone's sake, have your sandwich as soon as you get off the train.

Leg spreading -
Also known as manspreading, it's simply the worse. Public transport wasn't designed with personal space in mind, including long legs taking up space. So just close them! 

Inappropriate touching -
It might be a tight space, but your hands shouldn't go anywhere near the vicinity of someone's butt or intimate parts. The same goes for yourself! 

Lack of spatial awareness -
There are always those people who are all arms and elbows. And if that's you, try to avoid it. You don't want to shove your elbow into someone's ribs. 

Farting -
Just because there are plenty of other people to blame it on, that doesn't mean it's ok. Oxygen levels are already low as it is. 

Putting your feet on the seat -
Seats are for sitting, not for putting up your feet. Not only are you taking up space, but you're also leaving the seat dirty. 

Telling people to move down -
Of course, if you see that there are plenty of empty spaces, then tell people to move down. But don't yell at others to move down when it's clearly busy!

Doing your nails -
No one wants to see or sit next to someone cutting their nails on public transport. The same goes with painting your nails with smelly nail polish. 

Excessive PDA -
There's nothing wrong with showing someone that you love them. But showing too much PDA in a small area like a bus or train can make fellow passengers uncomfortable. 

Not holding on -
If you're standing during your journey, try to hold on. Refusing to do so is just strange, and you end up spending the entire journey stumbling and stepping on other people's feet. 

Not paying -
Don't try slipping on for free. Not only is it wrong, but you could also get hit with a huge fine. 

Having the volume on the loudest setting - Playing your music so loud that everyone can hear it is also a big no-no. Turn it down for your own health too. After all, you also don't want tinnitus. 

Coughing into your hands -
Sure, at least you covered your mouth when you coughed. But it's still unhygienic, especially if that same hand touched the poles and handrails. 

Falling alseep on people -
We get it, you're tired, and snoozing on the train or bus is fine, but don't fall asleep on someone else's shoulders. That's just awkward for everyone involved. 

Leaning on the pole -
Those poles on trains and buses are actually designed for the hands of unsteady commuters. Not for you to relax your body all over. 

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