This is the coldest inhabited place on Earth

This is the coldest inhabited place on Earth: If winter is your favorite season, you'll love getting to know the coldest inhabited place on our planet.

Arrival: Welcome to the coldest inhabited place in the world.

Location: This is the city of Oymyakon, which is located in the Sakha Republic, Russia.

Oymyakon: The territory is part of Siberia, a region well-known for its low temperatures.

Population: Oymyakon has a little more than 900 inhabitants.

Temperature: In winter it is usual for temperatures to reach as low as -50°C.

Daily life: Some measures must be taken to adapt to such cold temperatures.

Vehicles: For vehicles to work, heaters are used to increase the temperature in car garages.

Reason: This is because the engines cannot start at such low temperatures because of the ice.

Frozen cemeteries: If someone dies in the city, before the funeral, the ice must be melted.

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