This is how much it costs to live on a luxury cruise ship year-round

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An epic adventure unlike any other: The experience was designed to be "an epic adventure unlike any other" according to the cruise company, so  ship obviously has some really interesting amenities. 

How much do cabins cost: Cabins on board come in a variety of shapes and sizes and the lowest-end 130-square-foot stateroom will run you $29,999 dollars per person per year according to Julia Buckley.

You could even save on your taxes:Life at Sea Cruises also says that there could be some tax advantages to living onboard their ship, though their website recommends you talk to an accountant.

Amenities and luxuries: There will be five-star luxury restaurants onboard as well as, dancing clubs, karaoke bars, and even golfing, not to mention lots of space to relax in the sun.

Remote workers welcome:ship  isn’t all about play, though. Life At Sea Cruises’ is also targeting the business crowd since anyone who buys a ticket will be literally living on board for three years. 

You don't need to commute when you could just cruise: “Part of the idea,” wrote Fortune’s Chris Morris, "is to take advantage of the notable number of remote workers.

130,000 miles: “The ship will cover more than 130,000 miles over the three years,” Buckley added, which is an absolutely insane amount of travel for just about anyone. 

Visiting the Wonders of the World: Life at Sea Cruises is promising its future residents that they will visit “13 of the 14 Wonders of the World and embark on a journey of a lifetime.”

Designed for business and pleasure: There will be a large auditorium for meetings and conferences as well as a full-time Starlink internet connection and fourteen offices.

Almost everything is free onboard: Almost everything onboard is included in one’s yearly fee, which means you can spend three years drinking bottomless pinã coladas if you want. 

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