This is what happens if you don't wash yourself

More bad bacteria: We have lots of bacteria in our bodies, and we're exposed to many as well. 

Body odor: Yes, everyone will start noticing your BO—you included.

Body odor: It wouldn't really matter if you lived isolated in a cave, and therefore had no contact with other humans.

Bad hair: Not bathing will mean that every day will be a bad hair day.

Itchy skin: If you don't wash your skin, its natural oils will mix with pollutants, making it itchy.

Feet: Fungus infections can easily spread on our feet. Now imagine not washing them.

Skin irritations and blemishes: Excessive oil, mixed up with sweat and dirt, can really irritate your skin. 

Higher risk of infection: By not bathing, you put yourself at a higher risk of infection caused by bacteria and fungi.

Groin area rashes: It goes without saying that your private parts do develop a strong odor if you don't wash the area.

Psychological impact: Not washing yourself can really have an impact on your mental health.

You might just get sick: While your body has its protection mechanisms, not showering will make your body more exposed to a greater number of viruses.

Dermatosis neglecta: Have you ever seen people in movies with brown spots all over their faces and bodies.

Dirt lines: You know those tan lines people get when their bodies are exposed to the sun.

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