Time management tips you should try

Make a time audit -
The first step to managing time efficiently is to understand that it's being spent. Track how much time you spent on an activity. 

Learn how to deal with stress -
Part of learning how to manage time better is dealing with stress properly. Discover a stress-reducing activity, such as meditating or listening to music.

Set deadlines -
You might feel that deadlines are just added pressure, but they're actually there to ensure accountability. And this is essential if you want to learn how to manage time better.

Create a to-do list -
To-do lists are reminders. If you write them on your phone, you might forget about them. Instead, write them down physically and where you can easily see them.

Start your day early -
Starting your day early gives you great benefits. For example, you can squeeze in more tasks in one day like exercising or planning before you hit the desk.

Set aside time for yourself before starting your day - Whether it's having a good cup of coffee or reading a book for 15 minutes, take some time for yourself before work. 

Make planning part of your day -
Planning is one of the most effective and powerful time-management strategies you can incorporate.

Prioritize urgent tasks first -
Early in the day, your energy and productivity levels are much higher, so dedicate this time to your most urgent tasks.

Minimize distractions -
Separate your personal email from your work email. And steer clear from activities that bring more harm to your efficiency during work hours.

Turn off your social media notifications - Social media notifications can be a serious distraction. So to avoid the temptation of checking your phone often, just turn them off.

Set achievable goals -
Setting achievable goals will give you direction on where to concentrate your efforts. However, remember to be realistic.

Keep your workspace organized -
An organized workplace is incredibly important and leads to better output and quality work. 

Use calendar or planning apps -
There are tons of apps that can help you organize and manage your day like a boss.

Focus on single-tasking -
A strategy for time management is allowing yourself to focus on one task at a time, instead of multitasking, which is the opposite of productivity.

Don’t skip meals -
Skipping meals can affect your performance at work. Therefore, eat healthy and regular meals, so your brain and body stay in shape.

Include exercise in your routine -
With daily exercise, you can manage stress better and maintain a good rhythm. And this will in turn help how you manage your time.

Take smaller breaks throughout your day - Just like exercise, taking small breaks can help put your mind at ease when stress occurs or when the day feels overwhelming. 

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