Tips for driving in snow safely

Pack for the worst: Pack a bundle of cold-weather gear in your car.

Carry the right supplies: Remember to pack blankets and heavy clothing.

Snow shovel: A snow shovel is an indispensable item to have at hand in winter weather. 

Salt: A bag of salt is a useful accessory. Salt melts ice and snow by lowering its freezing point. 

Tow strap: Having a strong, reliable tow strap in the car is a necessity if the only way out of a snowdrift is to have your vehicle hauled out by horsepower.

Be prepared: It's a good idea to carry spare de-icer and spare windshield wiper fluid. 

Stay connected: Make sure your mobile phone is fully charged.

Properly inflated tires: A preliminary vehicle check is advisable before you set off.

Fit winter tires: Better still, if severe winter weather is anticipated, fit winter tires.

Snow socks: Snow socks—textile devices that wrap around the tires of a vehicle in order to increase traction on snow and ice.

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