Tips for improving your posture

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Stand up straight: When it comes to improving your posture, the best way to start is by correcting your standing position.

Sleep smart: When it comes to choosing a mattress, go for something firm, since this will support.

Don't slouch at your desk: It is very important to resist the temptation to slump and swivel in your chair.

Avoid 'text neck: Craning your neck to look at your smartphone puts a huge amount of pressure on your spine.

Don't low-ride while driving: It may feel comfortable, but reclining heavily while driving is very bad news for your posture.

Avoid overprotecting postures: It is important to maintain a relaxed posture at all times, since tension and restricted movement.

Ditch the stilettos: High heels may look great, but after a while wearing them your back won’t feel great.

Firm up those abs: In order to maintain good posture, it is vital to have strong muscles supporting the spine.

Get up and move: When muscles become tired, it becomes more tempting to slouch and slump.

Use posture-friendly props: If possible, it is a great idea to use a specially designed ergonomic chair that supports.

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