Tips to become a reality TV star

Don’t overdo your application - We’re not saying you should just give “yes” or “no” answers, but avoid writing an essay.

Don’t send a boring audition video - Don’t film yourself sitting at your computer with a white wall as the background. This is boring and doesn’t show the producers what you’re all about.

Answer your phone -
TV producers are not going to text you. They’ll most likely call you, and sometimes from a private number. So, take the call!

Wear the right clothes -
Your clothes should flatter your body but also reflect your personality. If you’re proud of a specific part of your body, you shouldn't hide it.

Other fashion tips -
According to casting director Sarah Monson, you should also avoid wearing “all black, all white, noisy jewelry, or sports team logos.”

Always be ready, even in the waiting room - Producers will keep an eye on the waiting room, so it’s good that you keep your energy levels up. You’re probably being watched!

It’s okay to be nervous -
It’s natural to be nervous, and you should be open about it. Tell producers you feel nervous.

Use your weaknesses as an advantage - Everyone has flaws and imperfections, but they are not necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes they are what sets you apart from other contestants.

Be yourself -
Sounds clichéd, but it’s what reality TV is all about. “Don't put on an act. Just be your genuine self.

Don’t be fake -
Don’t try to act stupid, silly, or behave in a manner in which you don’t usually behave. Producers will see through it, and can tell when you’re being fake.

Don’t be ashamed of your body -
Are you overweight? So what? It’s who you are, so own it! The same goes for other features. If you have a six pack, why should you hide it?

Have an opinion -
No producer wants someone who doesn’t care. “Whatever” shouldn’t be part of your vocabulary.

Get straight to the point -
As you can imagine, casting directors go through a lot of people and don’t have much time. So don’t babble: stick to the script and deliver it.

Experience might not be on your side - "People are looking for a fresh face, somebody who hasn't been around," shares casting director Sara O'Neil.

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