Tips to become a reality TV star

Don’t overdo your application -
We’re not saying you should just give “yes” or “no” answers, but avoid writing an essay.

Don’t send a boring audition video - Don’t film yourself sitting at your computer with a white wall as the background. This is boring and doesn’t show the producers what you’re all about.

Make your video exciting -
Producers want to get to know you. Show them a bit of your world: your home, your work, your hobbies, and so on.

Answer your phone -
TV producers are not going to text you. They’ll most likely call you, and sometimes from a private number. So, take the call!

Wear the right clothes -
The key is to wear something memorable, but not silly. You want the producers to remember you as “the girl with the yellow jacket,” not “the one dressed like a clown.”

Wear the right clothes -
Your clothes should flatter your body but also reflect your personality. If you’re proud of a specific part of your body, you shouldn't hide it.

Other fashion tips -
According to casting director Sarah Monson, you should also avoid wearing “all black, all white, noisy jewelry, or sports team logos.”

Always be ready, even in the waiting room - Producers will keep an eye on the waiting room, so it’s good that you keep your energy levels up. You’re probably being watched!

It’s okay to be nervous -
It’s natural to be nervous, and you should be open about it. Tell producers you feel nervous. Doing this alone will likely help you feel less nervous.

Use your weaknesses as an advantage - Everyone has flaws and imperfections, but they are not necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes they are what sets you apart from other contestants.

Use your weaknesses as an advantage - "Do you have six toes? A lazy eye? Anger management issues? These are not deal breakers, by any means," says Monson.

Don’t lie -
You might have done things in the past that you’re embarrassed about, but never lie to casting directors and TV producers.

Don’t be fake -
Don’t try to act stupid, silly, or behave in a manner in which you don’t usually behave. Producers will see through it, and can tell when you’re being fake.

Don’t be arrogant -
If you think you’re awesome, and the way you show it is by undermining other people, then you probably won’t have a place in reality TV.

Don’t be ashamed of your body -
Are you overweight? So what? It’s who you are, so own it! The same goes for other features. If you have a six pack, why should you hide it?

Don’t be afraid of what others think - This is important, as you’re going to be exposed to potentially millions of people on TV. You can't be conditioned by the fact that you’re being filmed.

Get straight to the point -
As you can imagine, casting directors go through a lot of people and don’t have much time. So don’t babble: stick to the script and deliver it.

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