Tips to throw the perfect outdoor summer party

Lighting -
Hanging string lights will transform your backyard and give it a beautiful summer party atmosphere. Try it!

Cool wine -
Not one for wine purists, but a fun way to have a drink on a hot summer's day. Just drop an popsicle into your glass of wine and enjoy the refreshing sweetness!

Playlist -
Create your own playlist, but share it with everyone who will attend the party so they too can contribute with their favorite summer tunes.

Serve tomato tulips -
Impress guests with these tomatoes filled with garlic-herb cheese. Attach them to trimmed green onions, and voila!

Use real dishware -
Paper ones can be handy when it comes to doing the dishes, but nothing beats the real thing. They're not flimsy, plus, they work and look so much better.

Foldable chairs -
A staple at any good outdoor party, the foldable lawn chair can make your backyard the coolest laid-back spot in the neighborhood.

Mosaic -
Forget your regular fruit salad. Instead, cut fruit into cubes and present them on a plate, just like this. Your guests will be impressed by the colorful mosaic.

Serve a summery dessert -
A fruity summer dessert is always a winner. You can't go wrong with a cheesecake, for instance.

Candles -
Place candles in birdcages for the ultimate vintage party feel. You can also fill them up with flowers and even use one as a centerpiece.

Mix fruit with feta cheese -
The sweet juiciness of the fruit balances perfectly with the richness and saltiness of the traditional Greek cheese.

Create a picnic area -
Throw blankets, rugs, pillows, and more in an area. Some people just prefer to chill closer to the ground.

Pasta salad -
Get adventurous with your pasta salad—or better: salads. Have a few different options available on the table. Play around with different veggies and dressings.

Sangria -
Sangria instantly turns any summer party into a fiesta! But don't just stick to the classic red wine sangria. There are plenty more recipes out there.

Hot dogs -
If you're throwing a summer party, a barbecue is likely in the cards. If you're making hot dogs, play around with different toppings. Your guests will be impressed!

Cocktails -
Make a selection of delicious summery cocktails, like the classic Moscow mule. Other alternatives include Caipirinha, Mojito, and Cuba Libre, among others.

Pizza -
Pizza can be a rich comfort food, but it can also have a light summery vibe. Just top it with fresh ingredients such as cherry tomatoes and fresh basil leaves.

Hang a swing -
This will instantly become the hotspot of your backyard–people will gather around it like it's a magical throne.

Float candles and flowers -
These are easy to create and look amazing at any outdoor summer party.

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