Top 10 A Guide to Ringo Starr’s Solo Career Songs

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Beaucoups of Blues” (1970): Country music has always suited Starr's wry warble best.

Sentimental Journey” (1970): Right after the Beatles' traumatic dissolution, Starr briefly swerved away from rock entirely, recording a batch of pre-rock standards like "Night and Day.

Photograph” (1973): While passing the time between Mick Jagger's wedding.

It Don’t Come Easy” (1971): Partly a foretelling of the laid-back ease of Seventies soft rock.

Only You (and You Alone)” (1974): Lennon suggested that Starr cover this golden oldie.

Snookeroo” (1974): Written by Elton John and Bernie Taupin in tribute to Starr's own hardscrabble Merseyside youth.

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Oh My My” (1974): By 1974, Starr had become just about as successful a solo star in the U.S as any of his former bandmates.

Early 1970” (1971): There’s nothing wrong with the Beatles,” Starr was supposedly still assuring people in March 1970.

You’re Sixteen” (1973): Even beyond the conspicuous age differential (Starr was 33 in 1973).

Back Off Boogaloo” (1972): In 1972, glam rock was the next big thing in Britain, and Starr was as susceptible to T-Rextasy as the next guy.

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