Top 10 Adorable Pet Dog Breeds That Make Great Companions

Bichon Frisé:The American Kennel Club describes the bichon frisé as curious and peppy! These little dogs are 9.5-11.5 inches tall and weigh 12-18 pounds.

Golden Retriever:Golden retrievers were bred to hunt alongside humans. Unlike some hunting breeds that were bred to make independent decisions, goldens are taught to return and hand over the prey (aka retrieving!).

Chihuahua:Chihuahuas are literally bred to sit in people’s laps. These small dogs are just 5-8 inches tall and weigh no more than 6 pounds, with no minimum weight according to the AKC breed standard.

Beagle:The American Kennel Club describes beagles as “merry,” which is so cute! It also speaks to my own experience with the breed. They’re playful, vocal, and energetic.

Poodle:Poodles are high-maintenance when it comes to exercise and grooming. Their thick, curly coats require daily brushing or to be trimmed short once every 4-6 weeks.

Yorkshire Terrier:Yorkshire terriers, or Yorkies, are a lap dog breed, weighing in at just 7 pounds. They stand 7-8 inches at the shoulder and have long, silky fur.

Maltese:Maltese are little white dogs with long, soft coats. They weigh under 7 pounds and stand 7-9 inches tall.

Papillon:Papillons are outgoing, playful, and protective. They’re also quite yappy little things, and their barking can be problematic, especially if they aren’t getting enough exercise or affection. 

Shih Tzu:Shih tzus are overwhelmingly popular, and for good reason! These sweet dogs are cuddly, outgoing, and adaptable.

Labrador Retriever: He loved walking with me to check out the veggie garden every morning, hanging out with my grandpa in the garage, and hated if we went on car rides without him!

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