Top 10 Animals That Don’t Sleep

Bats:have a well-earned place on any list of animals that don’t sleep like humans. Bats hang upside down by their clawed feet to sleep. They may hang from a tree branch, the ceiling of a cave.

Ducks: though humans sometimes say it to each other, it is based on the actual behavior of ducks. In order to sleep, ducks line up in a row on the shore of a pond, lake, or other body of water. 

Horses:are able to lock their legs and sleep while standing for short periods of time. When horses need sleep of several hours, they lower themselves to the ground and tuck their legs in front.

Sharks:you likely picture one speeding through the water. But, sharks have to rest too! After transitioning to a very slow speed, a shark faces the flow of the current. 

Dolphins: are social animals they sleep in groups. Staying together provides them with protection if a predator approaches. They can alert each other and take off through the water.

Meerkats : lives in a desert habitat in the southwestern part of Africa. This mammal has a body less than 12 inches in length and weighs around one pound. They live in groups called gangs in order.

Parrotfish:This colorful fish lives in the nooks and crannies of coral reefs all around the globe. Their predators include sharks and moray eels. So, how do these fish sleep? Well.

 Flamingos: sleep while standing on one leg! These birds bend their long neck to place their beak into the feathers on their back. Though it looks like these birds are fully asleep, they are not.

Sloths: find a forked branch high in a tree on which to sleep. A forked branch is a single one that divides into two smaller branches. The middle of a forked branch serves as a support for the back .

Koala Bears:sleep around 20 hours each day, so it makes sense that they need a safe and reliable sleeping method. They are safer from predators like dingoes if they stay in trees.

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