Top 10 animals that hibernate

Ground Squirrel Fun Fact: Mama ground squirrels chew on shed snakeskin and then lick it onto their babies to obscure their natural scents — an effective safeguard against predation.

Chipmunk Fun Fact: Humans need about eight hours of sleep a day. Chipmunks need a whopping 15!

Wood Frog Fun Fact: Wood frogs are the most northern dwelling amphibian in North America. Populations even exist in the Arctic Circle!

Garter Snake Fun Fake: Like nearly all snakes, garter snakes swallow their food whole.

Like most hibernating animals, bats’ temperatures nosedive for winter sleeps. But unlike some hibernators, bats don’t need to eat during their slumber.

Common Poorwill Fun Fact: Common poorwills are the only known hibernating bird, and they look like mini owls.

Fat-Tailed Dwarf Lemur Fun Fact: Hibernating lemurs can slow their standard 800-beats-per-minute heart rate to just eight beats per minute!

Hedgehog Fun Fact: Hedgehogs are immune to snake venom. Yes, hedgehogs battle snakes — and often win!

Where do bumblebees hibernate? Mostly in strategically positioned dirt holes alee the winter sun. Bumblebee Fun Fact: Bumblebees have smelly feet!

Unlike other animals that must make or find adequate hibernation accommodations, box turtles simply crawl inside their shells.

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