Top 10 Animals That Laugh

Gorilla:may also earn the title of the best comedian. While evidence indicates that gorillas laugh when playing or tickled, there also exists plenty of examples involving gorillas telling.

Elephant: form tight-knit herds of related family members and possess a keen level of intelligence. They can complete complex tasks, manipulate tools, and recognize themselves, people.

Kea Parrot:The kea is a large parrot species from the South Island of New Zealand. Known as highly intelligent and curious birds, and frequently engage in playful behavior. 

Degu:is a small rodent similar to a chinchilla or guinea pig that is native to certain neotropical regions of Chile. Extremely social creatures, degus live in intricate burrows containing multiple.

Dog:owner has told their pup a joke to try and get it to laugh. While this may seem silly, it’s not completely nuts, as dogs possess the ability to laugh. When dogs laugh, they pant in a rhythmic.

Dolphin:seem like the only ones who really know how to cut loose and laugh. During playful situations, dolphins emit a certain sound that they don’t normally make in any other context.

Australian Magpie: is a medium-sized black and white songbird from Australia and New Guinea. It is widely considered one of the most talented songbirds in its region, as it can create a wide variety.

Chimpanzee:laugh when engaging in playful behavior. Unlike a human laugh, chimpanzees typically pant heavily when laughing, alternating with deep inhalations and exhalations. 

Bonobo :often get lumped in with their fellow primate, the chimpanzee, they are a distinct species with their own unique appearance and behaviors. Bonobo societies feature complex social structures.

Rat: scientists get plenty of opportunities to watch rat responses to certain stimuli. It comes as no surprise that scientists discovered rats emit a long, ultrasonic chirping sound when engaging.

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