Top 10 Animals that Mate for Life

Barn Owl:A male barn owl has a special call when searching for a mate. Once a female is interested, the male tries to feed her. If she accepts food, they become a pair.

Macaroni Penguin:A male macaroni penguin attracts a female by bowing and bobbing its head. Once they pair up, they’re lifelong mates. Some of these penguins live as long as 15 years.

Bald Eagle:Generally, a female lays 2 eggs in a clutch. Both the female and male take turns sitting on the eggs. The male goes out to hunt for food for the female and the chicks. 

Gray Wolf: are animals that mate for life and live in Alaska as well as Wisconsin, Michigan, and Idaho. These monogamous canines reach sexual maturity at about 3 years old.

Beavers:Beavers reach sexual maturity at about 2 years old. A female releases a scent to let the male beavers around her know she’s ready to mate. After pairing up, beavers stay together for life.

Prairie Vole:These monogamous rodents live in grassy fields in the central part of the United States as well as in southern Canada. The prairie vole reaches sexual maturity at about 40 days old. 

Marmoset:These tree-dwelling monkeys live in the rainforests of South America. They reach sexual maturity at 18 months old and live for around 12-16 years.

Shingleback Lizard: give live birth to their young and share the feeding duties. The young are able to live independently just days after birth.

Whooping Crane:At 3 years old, a whooping crane chooses a lifelong mate. These birds hop, dance, and flap their wings as part of the mating ritual.

Mute Swan:Male and female mute swans pair up at around 3 years old. Males and females work together to build a nest of grass and cattails.

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