Top 10 Animals That Molt

African Dwarf Frog:are no different. Since these frogs actually breathe through their skin, molting allows them to maintain a moist, breathable barrier that is free from fungus, disease.

German Shepherd:This act is much more noticeable in breeds such as the German shepherd that is accustomed to living in colder climates. Pronounced periods of shedding fur occur normally in the spring

Red-Tailed Hawk:Birds are another common animal that is thought of when it comes to molting. The red-tailed hawk (Buteo jamaicensis) is found throughout North America and earned .

Burrowing Owl: are widespread in both North and South America and molt like almost all birds. What is interesting about the burrowing owl is that they are ground-dwelling owls that feed primarily.

Leopard Gecko: is native to the Middle East, India, and Nepal, but it is most common as a popular household pet. These lizards are docile and easy to breed which has directly lead to their popularity

Mexican Red-Knee Tarantula: are encased in a hard external structure called an exoskeleton. The exoskeleton gives the spider the structure and support that an internal skeleton gives to mammals.

Scorpion: are arachnids that are found throughout the world, and they range in size from under 0.5 inches up to 7 inches long. Baby scorpions ride on the back of their mother after birth.

Reticulated Python:Snakes are probably one of the animals that almost everyone is familiar with for molting or shedding their skin, but the reticulated python is something special .

Elk:Much like the domestic dogs above, wild animals like the elk (Cervus elaphus) also molt twice yearly. Also like dogs, the spring molt is much more obvious to the eye as the long.

American Lobster:which is also known as the Maine or Atlantic lobster is yet another animal that molts, and it is the largest species of lobster in the world.

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