Top 10 Animals that Sing

Mexican Free-Tailed Bats: The males can change their songs so their female listeners do not lose interest, and they also use songs to warn away rival males. 

Antelope Squirrels:is a solitary North American ground squirrel. When threatened, it stomps its feet and trills a warning song. Young squirrels have been observed practicing their songs .

Birds:s are one of the animals that sing. Just open a window or step outside. Do you hear birds singing? Many bird species use complex songs to attract mates, defend their territories .

Cicadas:also use songs to attract a mate. Cicada songs are very loud, especially when they hatch by the millions. Some sing during the day, while others sing at night.

 Whales:are also extremely well-known for their vocal abilities. Whales often use their songs to attract a mate, but they can also use them to communicate over the vast distances of the open ocean.

Tree Frogs: can be heard singing on warm summer nights. Tree frogs sing to announce their territories and to attract females. Their songs have been known to differ according to the weather.

Mice:Male mice sing at an ultrasonic level – at a pitch too high for human ears to hear. Female mice can hear it, though, and males use their songs to attract a mate. 

Katydids: are large insects found in tropical and temperate regions around the world. Male katydids sing to attract a mate by rapidly moving the front wings. 

Crickets:are well known around the world for their songs. Field crickets of the genus Gryllus are ground-dwelling. Male field crickets chirp or sing by rubbing their wings together. 

Toadfish: have been described as “unusually vocal” animals. After all, you have likely never heard your pet goldfish speak or sing! Yet the male toadfish has a song that can be heard even outside.

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