Top 10 Animals Used In War

Old Abe: was a Civil War eagle with Company C, 8th Regiment Wisconsin Volunteers. The company, named him after Abe Lincoln, participated in marches, recruitment events.

Judy:was an English pointer. A purebred, she was a Royal Navy adoption. The HMS Grasshopper, on which Judy was aboard, got torpedoed during World War II.

Jet: of Iada, or Jet, was a German Shepherd, a World War II search and rescue dog. Between Jet and his handler, Corporal Wardle, 150 people was saved during the Nazi air raid bombings.

Tirpitz:gets awarded a fake Iron Cross, a great German military honor. She’s applauded for remaining behind when the rest of the crew abandoned the ship.

Sgt. Bill:Canadian soldiers defied protocol and smuggled their mascot out of Saskatchewan during World War I and into France. Sgt. Bill saw combat, getting shell shock, trench foot.

Rip:a stray dog adopted by Poplar Air Raid Precautions during World War II. During the Blitz — a devastating eight-month bombing campaign Nazi Germany held against the United Kingdom during the war. 

Wojtek: was the mascot of the Polish II Corps’ 22nd Transport Artillery Supply Company. He was a Syrian brown bear. Adopted by the troops as a cub during a pass-through of Iran.

Siwash:The U.S. military invades the island of Tarawa in an attempt to seize the Japanese-held, heavily fortified Betio island in the Gilbert Islands. 

Warrior:horse Warrior during World War I. The duo were companions throughout the conflict, traveling with the British Expeditionary Force to France and returning home in the cold winter of 1918.

Gustav:was a messenger pigeon, part of the Royal Air Force. During World War II, he was one of six birds providing info to Montagu Taylor, a correspondent with Reuters.

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