Top 10  Animals With Toughest Skin

Bison:is best known for the hump on its back. This is a strong mammal with a thick hide and a long coat of fur. Its thick skin serves as insulation against the cold winter weather. 

Armadillo:has a dark or light gray carapace made of bony plates covering its head and back. It features tooth-like formations called scutes. An armadillo’s carapace serves as excellent protection .

Honey Badger:are small mammals compared to others on this list, they have remarkably tough skin. Honey badgers have black fur with a wide, silver section of hair running over their head and back.

Rhinoceros:is two inches thick. Its skin consists of layers of collagen. A rhino’s strong hide offers it a high level of protection from predators. However, a rhino’s skin doesn’t protect it.

Sperm Whale: grows to a length of 40 to 52 feet. Understandably, adult sperm whales have very few predators. But when one does attack, it’s met with a layer of skin on this whale measuring 13.5 inc.

Hippopotamus:is two inches thick all over its body. Its thick hide serves a few purposes. For one, it offers protection from the harsh sunlight in its African grassland habitat. 

Crocodile:The bony structures on a crocodile’s back, tail, and head are called scutes. Scutes are made of a solid material called keratin. If you see an animal with horns, those horns are probably .

Camel: live in the desert where it is extremely hot and arid throughout the day. Furthermore, it can get very cold at night. So, it takes an animal with tough skin to survive and even flourish.

 Elephant:has tough skin. This large animal has skin that is one inch thick over most of its body. It has a thinner layer of skin around its flapping ears. The thickness of its skin is a defense.

Whale Shark:can grow to a length of 33 feet! These creatures have gray skin covered in small white spots. A whale shark’s tough skin can measure up to four inches thick. 

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