Top 10 Anti Police Punk Songs

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Sound System" by Operation Ivy: This song expresses frustration with oppressive authorities, including law enforcement, while also advocating for positive change.

Fuck the Police" by The Exploited: A direct and confrontational song, "Fuck the Police" is an unapologetic critique of law enforcement's abuse of power.

Pigs Will Pay" by Anti-Flag: Known for their activism and political punk stance, Anti-Flag's "Pigs Will Pay" condemns police corruption and excessive force.

Riot" by The Casualties: The Casualties' "Riot" criticizes the police response to social unrest and the suppression of protest.

Let's Lynch the Landlord" by Dead Kennedys: Although not directly about the police, this song satirizes the abuses of power by landlords and authority figures.

Police State" by Dead Prez: Merging punk with hip-hop, Dead Prez's "Police State" highlights the systemic issues of policing in marginalized communities.

Police Truck" by Dead Kennedys: This song is a scathing critique of police brutality and excessive force, reflecting Dead Kennedys' politically charged and confrontational style.

Guns of Brixton" by The Clash: Though not explicitly anti-police, "Guns of Brixton" reflects on social unrest and tensions with the police in London during the late '70s.

Policia No" by Ratos de Porão: This Brazilian punk band denounces police brutality and political oppression in their native country.

Cop Killer" by Body Count: This controversial song by Body Count, fronted by Ice-T, sparked debates about freedom of speech and artistic expression while addressing issues of police violence.

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