Top 10 Ways the September 11 Attacks Changed the World

They United America: That's what it takes to unite a country. Except now not a single thing could hope to unite us.

They Were the Reason for the War on Terror:Let's state the obvious: This was George W Bush's faulty response to the September 11th attacks.

They Increased Airport Security in the USA: Pre 9/11, you could just hop on a plane and you're in. That's how at least four airplanes were hijacked and 3/4 of them hit their targets.

Other Ominous Days Followed the Month/Day Format: Honestly one of my biggest problems with the reactions to this attack is the need to kidnap a day of the year merely because it happened on that date.

At First, They Created a Set Date for Terrorists to Attack America: . Al Qadea attacked the United States embassy in Afghanistan. By attacking an embassy, you are attacking its nation.

Americans Developed Fears of Traveling via Airplane:This has long since been overcome by some traumatized Americans who were understandably paranoid about flying in an airplane.

They Created Conspiracy Theories about 9/11: You were probably expecting the conspiracy theory that Bush and Cheney created 9/11

Movies Were Delayed so Scenes with the Twin Towers In Them Could Be Removed: That's very sad! Also Seth MacFarlane nearly died! But thankfully didn't!

Major Impact on Religious Americans: The religious faith of many Americans grew stronger, as they found consolation, coping with the loss, or losses of loved ones and overcome their grief.

They Were Metaphorical Attacks on America's Wealth and Military: This may seem like a random inclusion.

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