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Top 10 Awesome Colors of Beach Sand

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Rainbow: For the rainbow sand, you’ll have to travel to Australia.

Pink: Pink sand is among the rarer types that can be found in the world.

Orange: Orange sand is on more of the unique side.

Chocolate/Brown: The chocolatey brown sand at Rockaway Beach in California is pretty smoothy and intoxicating.

Black: Black sand is also brought to us thanks to the awesome dark minerals found in volcanic deposits.

White: You can find white sandy beaches in the majority of places you visit.

Red: Red sand can be found in a few different areas around the world but most notably Greece and Hawaii.

Green: You can find some green sandy  areas in Hawaii and thank lava flows and deposits for this cool color.

Yellow: Yellow sand is another one of the most widespread colors of sand that can be found in plenty of beaches around the world.

Purple: Pfeiffer Beach in California is home to this iconic and strange color of sand.

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