Top 10 Bats in Texas

Ghost-Faced Bat: is medium-sized and gets its name from its unusual-looking face. Its rounded ears rest on top of its forehead, making its eyes appear small and weirdly placed. 

Eastern Red Bat: is a furry, rusty-red microbat that weighs less than half an ounce. This species has an extensive distribution across the United States and lives in many habitats. 

Nosed Bat:is from the southern tip of Texas and Central Mexico. They are grayish-brown with short tails, elongated muzzles, and long tongues. 

Evening Bat:This small bat lives in East Texas, dwelling in tree crevices in forests. The evening bat is similar in appearance to the big brown bat, except it’s smaller. 

Cave Myotis:These brown and black bats have a hairless area between their shoulder blades. The cave myotis lives in the southwestern United States and parts of Mexico and Honduras.

Tongued Bat:The Mexican long-tonged bat, or MLTB, is found in the southwestern United States and from Mexico to Honduras. It’s only about three inches long and brown or gray .

Rafinesque’s Big-Eared Bat:This rare species is a medium-sized bat with long rabbit-like ears and facial glands protruding from each side of its snout. Its wingspan is 10 to 12 inches, and they fly 

Big Free-Tailed Bat: is migratory and inhabits rocky areas in arid landscapes in West Texas. They mainly roost inside rock crevices, which they use long-term. 

Hoary Bat:has one of the most widespread distributions across the United States. It is a large and distinctively marked bat with dark brown fur and white and light brown bands. 

Southern Yellow Bat: is medium-sized with dull yellow fur. It is a sub-tropical species that occupies South Texas year-round, roosting under dead palm tree fronds.