Top 10 Beetles Native to Michigan

 Banded Net Wing Beetle:The banded net wing beetle is a unique-looking beetle that kind of resembles a firefly or a lovebug. The biggest difference is in its unique colors. 

Banded Ash Borer: the banded ash borer is a dusky black with a series of boxy, yellowish outline patterns running down its length. Where the thorax meets the head, a yellow ring resembles a tiny collar.

Reddish-Brown Stag Beetle:The reddish-brown stag beetle is another of the largest beetles native to Michigan. Though mentioned above, the reddish-brown stag beetle is worth an extra mention. 

 Black Vine Weevil:The black vine weevil isn’t a beetle you see very often, mostly because it’s nocturnal. It mostly comes out at night, feeding throughout the twilight hours on a diet of leaves.

Eastern Firefly: the eastern firefly is much like fireflies everywhere, using its bioluminescence to light up the skies at dusk.

American Carrion Beetle:the American carrion beetle fondly feeds on carrion. The females will smell a dead carcass from miles away and make their way to it.

May Beetle:The May Beetle has a very interesting look to it. The body is physically similar to that of the green June beetle, except the May beetle lacks metallic overtones.

The Giant Water Beetle:The giant water beetle uses its huge mandibles to grab prey floating by in the water. Once it has them, its mandibles will hold them in place while the giant water bug eats them alive.

Earth-Boring Scarab Beetle:The earth-boring scarab beetle is a very domelike beetle, with a large, bulging abdomen and thorax to match a tiny head. It has two tiny antennae with a large, bulbous protrusion on the end of each one. 

Cottonwood Borer Beetle:The cottonwood borer beetle has an incredible aesthetic. Though it’s almost entirely black ad white, the juxtaposition of the two is eye-catching.

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