Top 10 Best Basil Companion Plants

Beets:One of the problems with planting root crops is that pests absolutely love the tasty greens, and can do some serious damage. Planting basil nearby helps to hide the scent of your beet greens.

Dill:One of the quintessential summer herbs can do much more than make a mean pickle! Planting dill nearby will enhance the flavor profile of your basil leaves. 

Chamomile:This tiny, delicate flower is a beacon for pollinators. And the best part is that it will also help improve your basil plant’s flavor, making the harvest even better!

Bell Peppers:We’ve listed bell peppers here, but the combo can really work for any pepper plant. When your basil goes to flower, it attracts pollinators that help improve your pepper plant production. 

Borage:Borage is one of the best possible plants to include near your basil. This stunning and delicate blue flower attracts pollinators and beneficial predatory insects. 

Asparagus:Basil and asparagus make fantastic companion plants. So, if you haven’t dedicated a corner of your garden to this perennial favorite, now’s the time! 

Cilantro:Cilantro will improve basil’s flavor, help attract much-needed, pollinators, and its oils may repel pests.

Garlic:The pungent garlic aroma works to repel whiteflies, aphids, and spider mites in the garden. So consider planting some near your basil to protect it from unwanted pests.

Carrots:With basil planted nearby, carrot flies and unwanted garden intruders can’t easily smell your carrot crop. That will help protect the plants while they develop. 

Chives:Many people love planting chives in their gardens, which is understandable. This herb packs a powerful punch and dehydrates very well.

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