Top 10 Best Children’s Books About Trains

The Little Train:is a children’s book rated highly by parents and teachers. In this book, a man named Engineer Small drives a small train from Tinytown to the city and then back again.

Here Comes the Train: is a children’s book written and illustrated by Charlotte Voake. In the book, a father takes his children on a bike ride every Saturday. 

The Goodnight Train:is a simple, easy reader-level book that has been highly rated and sold many copies. The story follows a train on its journey through the night and is accompanied by colorful.

Sleep Train:is an excellent book for parents to read with their children. The story is fun and engaging with an enchanting rhythm, and the illustrations are captivating. 

Overground Railroad:is an award-winning children’s book about an incredible family who embarks on a challenging and historic journey to the north. 

Alphabet Trains: is a great way to teach your child about the alphabet and learn more about trains at the same time! The illustrations in this book are colorful, and each page .

The Little Engine That Could: is a classic children’s book that has been around since 1930. It is a simple story about a Little Blue Engine that pulls a train full of wonderful things .

The Train of Lost Things:The Train of Lost Things tells the story of a boy named Marty who loves his dying father with all his heart. But, Marty’s dad is sick and doesn’t have much time left.

Two Little Trains:is a children’s book that has been a bestseller for decades. Written by the same author as Goodnight Moon, the story is simple, depicting two trains traveling east to west.

Trains Chug: is an excellent example of an easy reader-level children’s book. The sentences are short and straightforward, but packed with many rousing words for children like “Zoom!” and “Honk!”.

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