Top 10 Best Disney Movies

Heading 1

The Lion King: Disney has made a lot of memorable and masterful movies over the years, but there is something truly special about the lion king. 

Aladdin: The characters are real human and believable with each striving for things that would seem unfathomable and yet the miracle happens and are won a true fine finish.

Toy Story: Toy story in my opinion should be more than first. The whole trilogy is just a series of great color and emotoin.

The Fox and the Hound: The rest of the movie is even better. When it's not focused being utterly heartwarming, it's something hilarious. I'll give you an example.

Beauty and the Beast: The dialogue and songs speak volumes as does the spirited, spunky, intelligent, kind, and yes beautiful book- loving heroine Belle.

The Little Mermaid: This movie is really touching and emotional. It shows how sometimes you don't want what you have, and how there are better things out there.

Big Hero 6: I cried at the end with Baymax! It's a great story, and there is a real plot line. Frozen is good, it's just a little bit cheesy.

Finding Nemo: Hands down. Finding Nemo and Lion King are just the best! Both were never done before and it was something completely new and fresh and I love it.

Mulan: I agree it goes Lion King Aladdin Mulan. Can you watch when Mulan is tossed to the ground exposed as a women after battling off the Huns. Life for a life. 

Tangled: Tangled is by far the best Disney film, and I will die on that mountain. Literally everything about it is incredible and beautiful.

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