Top 10 Best Dog Breeds for Hiking 

Siberian Husky:This breed was bred specifically by native Siberians hundreds of years ago. They were bred primarily as sledding dogs but now can easily double duty as an excellent hiking partner too. 

Golden Retriever:Goldens are another intelligent breed that loves being active outdoors – making it perfect for exploring trails together!

Border Collie: This type of energy and discipline also makes them excellent companions for any owner who wants to explore the bountiful outdoors.

Beagle:These pups pack a lot of punch in terms of energy and curiosity – both of which come in handy while navigating unfamiliar surroundings like those found in the wilderness.

Labrador Retriever:Labradors are one of the most popular breeds in America. They make great companions on hikes due to their intelligence, athleticism, and friendly nature. 

Bernese Mountain Dog:The large size of these gentle giants just adds more fun and adventure when taking them along trails. They are able to cover lots of ground relatively quickly despite carrying heavy loads from time to time .

German Shepherd:German Shepherds are known for their loyalty and obedience. This makes them ideal hikers as well as protectors when out in nature alone or with a group. 

Vizsla :Vizslas are considered medium-sized hunting dogs which means they were bred to be outdoors. What really sets them apart from other similar breeds is the amount of boundless enthusiasm they possess.

Weimaraner:Weimaraners are generally considered to be good hiking dogs due to their high energy levels, athleticism, and love for the outdoors. 

Australian Cattle Dog:These herding dogs were developed originally to work closely alongside humans. So, naturally, they bring this same trait into play while out on hikes!

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