top 10 best dog parks

Bixby Dog Park:Found in south Long Beach,This is a large off-leash dog area landscaped with dirt and mulch. There are two separate areas in the dog park, one for large dogs and one for small dogs.

Wrigley Heights Dog Park:Located in Central Long Beach near the Wrigley Greenbelt is Wrigley Heights Dog Park. This fairly large dog park has separate areas for large dogs and small dogs. 

Jackson Street Dog Park: can be found in North Long Beach down the street from Jackson Park. This is a small, fenced dog park landscaping meant for both small and large dogs to play together.

Rosie’s Dog Beach: is located along Ocean Avenue in Long Beach. This is a beach with dedicated off-leash hours for pups to enjoy. 

Pike Park Dog Park:In Southern Long Beach, you can find a recently opened small dog park called Pike Park Dog Park. Dogs of every size are welcome to play.

Gayle Carter Dog Park:is located in North Long Beach inside Scherer Park. This large dog park is separated into two areas, one for small dogs and one for large dogs. 

Recreation Dog Park: This large dog park has separate areas for small dogs and large dogs though people often take their dogs into either area regardless of size. 

 K-9 Corner Dog Park:In South Long Beach, you can find K-9 Corner Dog park. This park has environmentally friendly drought-tolerant landscaping using dirt, artificial grass, and concrete walkways.

El Dorado Park Dog Park: is located inside El Dorado Park in East Long Beach. This large dog park has grass landscaping with trees scattered throughout, providing lots of shade. 

Downtown Dog Park:Inside Lincoln Park in downtown Long Beach, you can find Downtown Dog Park. The landscaping here consists of grass with a few trees spread around. 

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