Top 10 Best Dystopian Novels

1984 George Orwell: This book is a masterpiece and most definitely presents a chilling image of what the world could become, and is unfortunately on a path towards.

The Hunger Games: Why do people hate young adult books so much? I'll admit some are bad but most are really good. Hunger games beats brave new world in every category.

Brave New World: How are The Hunger Games and Divergent ahead of this masterpiece? Brave New World is a novel where everyone is treated like a machine.

Divergent: Divergent is far more interesting than the hunger games and it has one of the most realistic and well-built love stories.

Fahrenheit 451 : I love every event of the story: the beginning  and even the end. I love how analytical Ray Bradbury is about how people behave if they only rely on technology and never on books. 

The Giver: The Giver is so awesome. It talks about pain, seeing the world differently, memories, and is so good. A little boring at parts, but it's totally worth it overall.

The Maze Runner: I truly don't think any of these can hold a candle to the Hunger Games (just my opinion), but if any of them comes even close to competing, it's this series.

Lord of the Flies:  It's your opinion that the plot is boring, but it's original and the writing style is different.Thank you and good night.

A Clockwork Orange: This is the greatest novel/movie in my opinion. Nothing can beat the classic and very well written "A Clockwork Orange.

Gone: Gripping SIX BOOKS. Would take people more than 3 months to finish but all worth it for this epic series with a plot twist around every corner of Perdido Beach.

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