Tosa InuThe Tosa Inu is another rare dog breed that originated in Japan. Tosa Inu may be a robust and enormous dog.

American Bulldog contains a massive head with robust jaws with ears that will be the crop, semi-prick, rose or drop.

The Rottweiler is foremost ordinarily used fighting dog breeds to the present day, not solely because of their strength

Presa CanarioThe Presa Canario is a formidable, powerful trying dog that appears many sorts of a working dog. 

Doberman Pinscher Originally bred as a looking and fighting dog, the pinscher competes in the dogfighting pit due to its stamina and endurance.

The Bully Kutta could be a blanket term for all breeds of fighting dog in West Pakistan. 

 KangalThis dog is taken into account as one of the oldest breeds that have helped with stock and guarding functions for extended than we can keep in mind.

Dogo ArgentinoThe Dogo Argentino is another means of trying and well-liked fighting dog breed. 

 American Pit Bull TerrierIn the list of the best fighting dogs globally, the American Pit Bull Terrier comes at number 1.

Cane Corso
The Cane Corso is its massive, discouraging head with powerful jaws.

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