Top 10 Best Fish

Catfish:on your menu for tonight there are several great places to find some amazing-sized blue catfish, flatheads, and channel cats. 

Smallmouth bass:Another favorite bass is the smallmouth bass and Alabama has plenty of them. Pickwick Lake is one of the lakes that is known for its smallmouth bass fishing.

Redfish:are one of the most common fish caught in Gulf Shores. They can be fished right from the shoreline. Redfish are a kind of drum fish that are great eating.

Mahi Mahi:Whether you are fishing from shore, the Gulf Shore Pier, or you charter a fishing boat for some deep sea fishing, one of the most unique catches is the Mahi Mahi.

Wahoo:is another deep sea fish that can be caught off the shores of Alabama. You can charter a fishing boat or guided fishing tour out of Orange Beach, AL. 

Crappie:For some classic crappie fishing, you are going to want to either head to Weiss Lake or the Lower Alabama River. Load up the cooler with minnows and your favorite cold beverage.

Striped bass:is a 69 lbs. 9 oz. bass caught on February 28, 2013. James Bramlett of Dora, AL reeled this one out of the Bankhead Reservoir. This reservoir is on the Warrior River.

Florida Pompano: They typically migrate through the Gulf Shores area in the early spring and again in the fall, swimming in large schools. Florida Pompano are a large silver fish with a forked tail. 

Largemouth bass: Lake Guntersville is the best lake for finding good-sized largemouth bass. There are both local and national bass tournaments on Lake Guntersville. 

Alligator Gar: They are fun to catch and are impressive specimens. Alligator gars are the largest freshwater fish caught in Alabama. They can be found in the coastal estuaries as well as many rivers.

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