Top 10 Best Folk Metal Bands

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Korpiklaani: Korpiklaani is a folk metal band from Finland who were formerly known as Shaman.

Tyr: Týr is a Faroese heavy metal band. Their subject matter revolves almost entirely around Viking lore, mythology, and history.

Turisas: Turisas is a Finnish metal band from Hämeenlinna. They were founded in 1997 by Mathias Nygård.

Equilibrium: Equilibrium is a German folk metal band. The band's music combines elements of folk music, power metal, black metal.

Windir: Windir was a black metal band from Sogndal, Norway. The band combined black metal with folk music and mythology.

Alestorm: Alestorm is a heavy metal band originally from Perth, Scotland. 

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Finntroll: Finntroll is a folk metal band from Helsinki, Finland. They combine elements of black metal and folk metal.

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Ensiferum: Ensiferum is a Finnish folk metal band from Helsinki. The members of the band label themselves as "melodic folk metal."

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Wintersun: Wintersun is a metal band from Helsinki, Finland and was originally created by guitarist, keyboardist.

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Eluveitie: Eluveitie is a Swiss folk metal band from Winterthur, Zurich, founded in 2002 by Chrigel Glanzmann.

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