Top 10 Best Hiking Mountains

Mount Chocorua: has been named by the Appalachian Trail Conservancy as one of the most photographed mountains in the world. This stunningly picturesque mountain is something that people travel.

Mount Carrigain: That alone makes this climb worth it. But along the way you’ll also see amazing wildflowers in the spring and summer and stunning fall foliage in the forests.

Mount Garfield: is one of the “4000 footer” mountains in New Hampshire, or mountains with an elevation of more than 4,000 feet. Even though Mount Garfield has a relatively tall elevation for mountain

Mount Washington: is one of the most frequently visited mountains in New Hampshire. There is a weather test facility, the Mount Washington Observatory, on the summit. 

Cannon Mountain:The Whitney-Gilman Ridge is the most popular trail to the summit and it’s almost straight up a sheet of rock. It’s a challenging route that’s really only suitable for experienced.

Mount Monadnock: is one of the best hiking mountains in New Hampshire because it’s suitable for hikers who have no experience and hikers who have years of experience.

Mount Jefferson:There are two ridges that lead to the summit of Mount Jefferson: Ridge of the Caps and Castle Ridge. You can hike either one to the summit however the Caps Ridge Trail has a direct.

Mount Pierce: is another hiking spot for hikers from all over the country. The Appalachian Trail passes over Mount Pierce. So if you’re hiking Mount Pierce, watch out for thru-hikers.

Mount Lafayette:is the highest point in the Franconia Ridge and even though the summit of the mountain doesn’t have a particularly high elevation the summit is known for its Alpine climate.

Mount Willard:is one of the family-friendly hiking mountains in New Hampshire. The mountain’s elevation is relatively low and it’s an easy climb to the summit but once you’re at the summit.

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