Top 10 best horse breeds

American Paint Horse: I have a paint horse who is the best all around horses. Yah quarter horses are good at barrel racing and stuff but paints can do barrel racing one day the jump the next! 

American Quarter Horse: I have grown up around Quarter Horses. We have 6 right now. Our oldest Quarter Horse is our chestnut gelding, Sugar. He is the smartest.

Appaloosa: An all round nice horse. Appaloosas are the oldest breed by far and because of this they are so tuned into the human persona.

Arabian: Arabians are the Ferrari of the horse breeds. They are fast and sporty. But the thing about them that's amazing is that if you can ride an Arab, you can ride anything.

Clydesdale: I am a novice. So to all you experienced horse lovers I envy you. I always wanted a horse since I was a little girl, but we had no place to put the horse. If I have a horse one day.

Dutch Warmblood: I currently lease a Dutch Warmblood, and he is the sweetest horse I have met! Not to mention his amazing movement and talent!

Morgan: I love that they are really friendly, they are also so nice to ride. When I ride my horse I don't feel that I'm gonna fall of like I do on maria, he is much smart than the others in the barn.

Standardbred: This Horse is very, very good for Beginners! I'm a Beginner myself, and I have a Standardbred Horse. He's black so I named him Night. 

Tennessee Walking Horse: I absolutely love this breed! I have  first got on mine I was so amazed that another breed could be as good or even better than a quarter. 

Thoroughbred: One of the fastest breeds, definitely one for those with the need for speed. They are also great show jumpers, though they're known better for racing. 

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