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Top10 Best Indoor Markets In The World

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Torvehallerne Market, Copenhagen, Denmark: The Torvehallerne Market is composed of two large halls made of glass and steel on opposite sides of a square.

Swansea Market, Swansea, Wales: Located in the city center of Swansea, the Swansea Market is the largest indoor market in Wales. 

Borough Market, London, United Kingdom: With a history that dates back to the 11th century and more than 100 stalls.

St. Lawrence Market, Toronto, Canada: This market was chosen by National Geographic as the world’s best food market.

Queen Victoria Market, Melbourne, Australia: The Queen Victoria Market, or simply Vic Market stands in the center of Melbourne for over a century.

Ferry Building Marketplace, San Francisco, United States: Located in the historic Ferry Building at the popular port of the city.

Mercado de San Miguel, Madrid, Spain: The San Miguel Market is an indoor market and the most popular market in Madrid among tourists.

La Boqueria, Barcelona, Spain: La Boqueria is the largest indoor market in Spain, and the most popular market in Barcelona.

Mercato Centrale, Florence, Italy: The central market of Florence is located at the city center.

The Great Market Hall, Budapest, Hungary: The Great Market Hall is an indoor market that was opened as early as the end of the 19th century!

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