Top 10 Best Lakes in Arizona

Bartlett Lake:is known for its record-breaking catfish. Anglers can enjoy both recreational and tournament fishing. Besides excellent catfish fishing you can find largemouth bass and bluegills.

 Lake Mead: is one of the bigger lakes in Arizona has been ranked as one of the best freshwater lakes in the United States for scuba diving as well as fishing. 

Fool Hollow Lake: is a 150-acre lake in the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest. Canoers and kayakers can enjoy the peacefulness of this lake because there are no wake boats allowed. 

Watson Lake:These rippled boulders that seem to rise out of the water are all along the shoreline. You can see the stripes and coloration changes in the boulders from thousands of years ago. 

Big Lake: is one of the biggest lakes in Arizona. 532 water surface acres with an average depth of about 16 feet. There is a few different species of fish variety such as rainbow, brook.

Lake Mohave: is stocked with bass and trout so the best of both worlds. It is stocked with bass and trout and is warm most of the year. Visitors also enjoy swimming and if you love the outdoors .

Lake Pleasant:A great place to canoe or kayak in the canyon with towering cliffs and dotted islands. Lake Pleasant is a six-mile lake. (It is also a great place for fishing!)

Martinez Lake: is Martinez Lake in the SE corner of Arizona. For a day of fishing away from the crowds this is a great option. Anglers can find a variety of fish like largemouth bass, smallmouth bass

Theodore Roosevelt Lake: is one of the largest man-made lakes in the world. It is 21,491 acres along the Salt River. Because of its popularity, many record-breaking fish have been caught .

Saguaro Lake: is an excellent place to canoe and kayak. It is a 1,264-acre lake that follows the Sale River. If you make your way down the river you might be lucky enough to see wild horses!