Top 10 Best Non Misfits Horror Punk Albums

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Earth A.D./Wolfs Blood" by The Misfits: This classic album, released in 1983, is a definitive example of horror punk, but since it is by The Misfits.

Famous Monsters" by The Misfits (with Michale Graves: Released in 1999, this album continues The Misfits' legacy of horror-inspired punk music with a modern twist.

Songs in the Key of Evil" by Calabrese: Songs in the Key of Evil" showcases Calabrese's infectious horror punk sound and a penchant for horror movie-inspired lyrics.

The Other Side" by The Other: With a mix of horror punk and rockabilly influences, "The Other Side" delivers a diverse and captivating listening experience.

Walk Among Us" by The Misfits: Often regarded as one of the band's best works, this album features catchy and spooky tracks that define the horror punk genre.

Static Age" by The Misfits: Another iconic release by The Misfits, "Static Age" showcases their early horror punk sound and remains a favorite among fans.

Midnight Spookshow" by The Cryptkeeper Five: This album from The Cryptkeeper Five offers a spooky and energetic ride through the world of horror punk.

Lycanthropy" by Ghoultown: With its blend of punk, metal, and spaghetti western elements, "Lycanthropy" creates a cinematic and haunting horror punk experience.

American Psycho" by The Misfits (with Michael Graves: Although this album features a different vocalist, it remains a powerful and horror-infused addition to The Misfits' discography.

Creature Feature" by Blitzkid: This album by Blitzkid is a beloved gem in the horror punk community, featuring a perfect balance of catchy hooks and eerie themes.

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