Top 10 Best Pet Snakes

African House Snake:can live in many ecosystems. In its native sub-Saharan Africa, they find comfort living around human dwellings. These animals are harmless but tend to stress over unfamiliar.

Children’s Python:grow between 2.5 and four feet making them rare medium-sized snakes that stay small. These are great pets for beginners and are docile enough to be around supervised kids.

 California King Snake: is usually brown-black with yellow stripes, bands, or speckles. An excellent beginner snake, the Cali King is a shy, docile animal with frequent handling.

Ball Python: is famous for its pickiness and its food. They prefer thawed or freshly killed meals, but there then are periods where they stop eating completely. But their nature is being calm .

Corn Snake: is a top choice for beginners. Native to the United States, they’re typically in terrestrial habitats. If done by professionals, you can capture them in the wild. 

Common Boa Constrictor:At a titillating 13 to 16 feet in length, the boa constrictor needs an experienced handler. Found in South and Central America, the boa snacks on deer, lizards, fish.

Milk Snake: calls Mexico and the States home. A rare smaller snake for beginners, it has rings of orange, red, white, yellow, and black. Often confused with the coral snake, the milk snake’s.

Western Hognose Snake:Native to the U.S., Canada, and Mexico, the Western Hognose Snake is known for its upturned pug-ish nose. Active in the mornings and evenings, the breeds snack on toads.

Gopher Snake:There are nine subspecies among the gopher snake breeds, including the bullsnake, the Sonoran gopher, and the Pacific and Great Basin gophers. Sizes range from three to seven feet. 

 Garter Snake: are among the world’s most populous wild snakes and popular home pets. Captive garters gnaw on worms and small fish. With common heating and lighting requirements.

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