Top 10 Best Pop Songs of 2003

Evanescence - "Bring Me to Life: A rock-infused pop track with soaring vocals from Amy Lee and a guest rap verse from Paul McCoy.

Christina Aguilera feat. Lil' Kim - "Lady Marmalade: A sassy and seductive pop tune with powerhouse vocals from Aguilera and guest verses from Lil' Kim, Mya, and Pink.

OutKast - "Hey Ya: An iconic and genre-bending hit with a catchy chorus, upbeat tempo, and playful lyrics.

Linkin Park - "Numb: A brooding and introspective rock/pop ballad with Chester Bennington's raw vocals.

Britney Spears - "Toxic: A sultry and electrifying pop hit with Spears' breathy vocals and a pulsing dance beat.

Maroon 5 - "This Love: A catchy and infectious pop-rock hit with Adam Levine's smooth vocals and a memorable guitar riff.

Beyoncé feat. Jay-Z - "Crazy in Love: A high-energy and infectious pop hit with Beyoncé's powerful vocals and Jay-Z's smooth rap verse.

Justin Timberlake - "Rock Your Body: A funky and upbeat dance-pop track with Timberlake's signature falsetto vocals.

Coldplay - "Clocks: A haunting and atmospheric piano-driven track with Chris Martin's emotive vocals.

Black Eyed Peas - "Where Is the Love: A socially conscious pop track with a catchy hook and soulful vocals from Fergie and

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