Top 10 Best Potato Companion Plants

Marigolds:Marigold, a flowering plant producing vibrant blooms, is another beneficial companion for potatoes. It has a strong scent that acts as a natural pest repellent, keeping aphids and beetles away.

Nasturtium:Nasturtium, a flowering plant with attractive flowers and green foliage, works as a prime potato companion plant due to its natural pest control properties.

Cilantro:The hoverflies munch on mischievous potato pests like aphids and mites, making way for an excellent potato yield. 

Onion:The sulfur content in onions produces a strong persisting scent even during summer, which is generally when pests will attack the potato.

Beans and Peas:Beans and peas are excellent potato companion plants with a symbiotic relationship with nitrogen-fixing bacteria.

Horseradish:Horseradish, a perennial root vegetable, has characteristic tapered roots that can improve soil aeration, benefiting nutrient circulation. 

Spinach:Spinach is another great companion plant to grow with potatoes. Its long green leaves provide some ground cover for potato tubers, which can help reduce any excessive moisture loss.

Corn:Corn is a universal staple crop that grows well as a neighboring companion plant with potatoes. Various soil-borne diseases, such as fusarium wilt and verticillium, affect potato yields.

Basil:Basil, an aromatic herb, is another great potato companion plant that improves potato flavor. Yum! It also emits a strong scent that acts as a pest repellent, deterring aphids, flies.

Chives:Chives produce bright green leaves with distinct lavender flowers, which attract beneficial insects such as hoverflies and pollinating bees. 

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