Top 10 Best Proto Punk Bands

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The Sonics: The Sonics' aggressive garage rock sound set a precedent for punk's energy and influenced the development of punk's more aggressive subgenres.

The Dictators: Combining elements of punk, glam, and rock 'n' roll, The Dictators' playful irreverence and energetic music influenced punk's diverse stylistic range.

New York Dolls: The New York Dolls combined glam rock with a punk sensibility, influencing punk's fashion, attitude, and disregard for conformity.

The Stooges: Led by Iggy Pop, The Stooges' raw sound and uninhibited stage presence challenged conventions and paved the way for the punk attitude.

Death: Operating in the 1970s, Death's uncompromising punk sound and rebellious attitude paved the way for punk's spirit of nonconformity.

MC5: MC5's fusion of rock, politics, and high-energy performances marked them as pioneers of both garage rock and punk, inspiring generations of musicians.

The Seeds: The Seeds' garage rock sound, marked by catchy melodies and a DIY ethos, exemplified the do-it-yourself spirit that would become synonymous with punk.

Television: Television's intricate guitar work and poetic lyrics signaled the emergence of punk's artier side, laying the groundwork for post-punk and alternative rock.

The Velvet Underground: With their experimental sound and themes of urban alienation, The Velvet Underground's music provided a blueprint for punk's artistic.

The Modern Lovers: Jonathan Richman's introspective lyrics and minimalist sound showcased the potential of simple, stripped-down punk rock.

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